Marketing vs Marketing Technology

Marketing teams in all high-tech industry segments face similar challenges based on the simple fact that technology-based products and services change quickly. From semiconductors to servers, embedded computing to consumer electronics, application software to cloud-based services, what used to be considered science fiction quickly becomes reality. The competitive landscape changes daily with frequent new product introductions and new competitors entering markets that are truly global.

As a result, it is a rare high-tech marketing department that isn’t overwhelmed with requests that can’t be implemented due to resource constraints.

Add to this the fact that marketing technology is also changing faster than ever before. The fundamentals of integrated, well-targeted marketing campaigns haven’t changed, but with today’s marketing tools, we can reach more narrowly defined target segments with highly customized messages and offers. With the addition of social media and other new marketing technologies, campaigns are increasingly interactive and we can learn more about our customers than ever before.


The impact of new marketing technology is that campaign results are improved and customers have a better experience, but the demands on already overloaded marketing departments actually increases.

Marketing ROI
Marketers are also being asked to be more operationally effective and to demonstrate their value to the corporation in a manner similar to other organizations.


Increased use of performance metrics and ROI measures all linked to corporate goals adds yet another set of requirements to the marketing to-do list.

Is it any wonder that most marketers feel overwhelmed?

N + 1 Marketing

It is clear that marketers simply need more. More resources, more skills, more tools. To the TechMarketeers, N+1 marketing means:

More Focus...
on audience-specific content – technology content. We can improve the experience delivered by your marketing programs by creating the most appropriate content for each audience. High-quality, relevant, technically-correct content retains reader attention and improves trust in your brand, ultimately driving prospects and customers to take action. TechMarketeers believe that great content not only informs about your products and services, but also educates about key industry and technology trends, issues, and 'how-to' topics.

More Experience...
and knowledge of the theory, tools and processes of technology marketing. We understand how to develop goals, strategies, budgets and plans, and how to execute them. We know how to adapt marketing programs for companies of all sizes using direct and indirect channels and operating either domestically or around the world. TechMarketeers work with company executives and all organizations to obtain the results you want.


More Metrics...
and measurements all tied to goals and strategies. Basically, this means working with executive management, marketing, sales, finance, and IT to create a more transparent, efficient and accountable view of marketing. Through the development and implementation of metrics, infrastructure and business process, performance-driven marketing is an enabler for success. More simply put, TechMarketeers believe that the only way that you get better is by understanding which way the trend lines are going!

TechMarketeers are able to assist you in obtaining your marketing goals and giving your “N” marketing campaigns the +1 edge they need in today’s technology marketplace.

“By the way, one of our favorite novels at TechMarketeers is Oliver Twist – remember when he asked “Please sir, I want some N+1!”