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Marketing ROI – Fact or Fiction

For many companies big and small, the 4th quarter means it’s planning and budgeting time for the next fiscal year.  Executives grapple with the challenge of ensuring that goals are well defined and clearly articulated and that resources to achieve these goals are effectively allocated across the organization.  Commonly used in the financial world, return… Continue reading »


The ‘Printed Hyperlink’. The Latest Innovation in Advertising and Marketing.

I’ve been in the design and branding business for about 20 years now. Yikes! And a lot has changed. When I began, the Web was an infant that no one knew how to control. TV, radio and print ruled. Since then, the Internet has flourished into the monster it is today. Innovations have been utilizing… Continue reading »


Know Your Enemy

The great warrior Sun Tzu said “If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt.” The book the Art of War has become prescribed reading for anybody in sales and marketing and so it should, if you have never read it, go and pick up a copy – it’s… Continue reading »

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