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Social Media – Is it a Battle or a Party?

A recent New York Times article highlighted a trend that indicates a shift away from Blogging towards the briefer and more immediate social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter. So the question that many are asking is, where do I spend my resources (time and money) to generate the best return? Is there a… Continue reading »


What Do You Do Anyway?

When you begin even the simplest marketing campaign it’s easy to get caught up in fancy graphics, pictures and color schemes. Please remember that they all send a message be sure it’s the one you want! This may sound simple but you would be amazed at how many expensive ads and promotions I have seen… Continue reading »


The ‘Printed Hyperlink’. The Latest Innovation in Advertising and Marketing.

I’ve been in the design and branding business for about 20 years now. Yikes! And a lot has changed. When I began, the Web was an infant that no one knew how to control. TV, radio and print ruled. Since then, the Internet has flourished into the monster it is today. Innovations have been utilizing… Continue reading »

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