No translation required.
We speak ‘Engineerish.’


Experienced marketers with engineering backgrounds and Fortune 500 hi-tech experience, we hit the ground running.

The typical communication and comprehension barriers with external marketing firms just doesn’t exist with TechMarketeers. Silicon or software, servers or services – no problem.
We speak Geek!

Technology markets change rapidly marketing departments are always overloaded.


Think you can’t outsource for extra resources because nobody knows what you do? Think again…

TechMarketeers does! From campaign strategies to new product introductions, and web solutions to white papers and brochures, Our Marketeers have been in your shoes.

Let us help you.

N+1 Marketing.
It’s what you have…
plus more.


How many times have you been working on a priority marketing program while others sit on the ‘back burner’ seemingly forever?

TechMarketeers is your extra resource to get those projects off the back burner, completed and on schedule.